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    Fri-Sun, April 17-19th, 2015 - InfoAge Science Center, Wall, NJ -

    Upcoming MARCH Events:
  • MARCH Workshop February 7,8 2015 (ten.) Info Age Sci Center, Wall, NJ
  • Trenton Computer Festival March 21, 2015. The College of NJ, Ewing, NJ.
  • Vintage Computer Festival X April 17-19 2015. Info Age Sci Center, Wall, NJ
  • InfoAge museum open Sundays, 1pm-5pm and by appointment.

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    None at this time.
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    Bendix G-15 Coding Manual
    Cover of the Bendix G-15 Coding Manual. You can visit the G-15 on display in the MARCH Computer Museum.
    Evan K and the Hex Street Band
    From Festivus 2014
    PDP 8f PDP Educator
    PDP 8 Educomputer PDP 8/F
    Commodore Network
    Jeff and Dan working on Commodore 64 Network.
    IMSAI 8080
    IMSAI 8080 at MARCH exhibit, Trenton Computer Festival 2013
    CBM KIM-1
    Commodore KIM-1 at MARCH exhibit, Trenton Computer Festival 2013
    Evan Mimeo Apple I
    Evan demos the Mimeo replica Apple 1 at MARCH booth at Hope #9 in NYC

    HOPE 9 booth visitor learning BASIC on the replica Apple 1.
    Digital PDP 8
    David Gesswein's PDP 8 at VCF E 8

    A young programmer works at the TRS 80 CoCo computer at VCF E 8

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